Getting Started with your Motorcycle / ATV Restoration Project

Motorsport Restoration Projects Part 1

One of the great things about Rick’s Motorsport Electrics is that in addition to supplying components for new motorcycle, ATVs, etc. we also make replacement and updated parts for vintage models.  Because of this, we get to hear a ton of great restoration stories.  We also get a bunch of questions and odd requests as well.  If you have ever tried to tackle a resto-project, you know that they hardly ever go 100% perfect.  The satisfaction is in solving the issues that come up and completing the project.  Here are a few tips that we have picked up along the way:

  • If this is your first project, start simple.  Then work your way up to the big stuff.
  • Have a goal in mind before you start.  This will help you stay on track throughout the project.
  • Whenever possible, get a manual for the machine you are working on.  This will prove to be an invaluable resource!
  • Set up a work space that you want to be in.  If you dread going out to your cramped shed, you’ll never finish.
  • Be patient: Rome wasn’t built in a day and your project won’t be either.
  • Take a break from it when you need to.  Sometimes you need to step away and come back with a fresh set of eyes and new inspiration.
  • Some parts/tools/paint will be hard to find but don’t get discouraged.  If it was easy, everyone would do it.
  • Network!  Talk to other enthusiasts, go to shows, get online in the forums.  You never know where your next piece of advice or part will come from.

Keep an eye out for future posts as we highlight some of the restoration stories we’ve come across!