Help Trinidad Charlie Rebuild after Hurricane Irma

The island of St. John has become like a second home to me and I cannot tell you how sad I am to see the damage left behind by Hurricane Irma.  So many of my friends down there have been negatively impacted and their positive attitude still remains.  One very good friend: Trinidad Charlie had his whole hot sauce business demolished by Irma.  I have put together a fundraiser to help him rebuild and I’m asking for your help too.  You can purchase some of Charlie’s famous hot sauce for $19.95 a bottle and 100% of the proceeds will go towards rebuilding his business so he can get back to doing what he does best.  There are limited quantities because this was the last batch he made before Irma hit.

A little about Trinidad Charlie in case you don’t know him – Charlie first came to St. John in 1968 with some pepper seeds and a love of nature.  He knew the beautiful island would be the prefect place to grow his native peppers and produce amazing, flavorful hot sauces.  Charlie still makes every batch by hand with the authentic flavor of his homeland melded together with the magic of St. John.  Even Kenny Chesney wrote about Charlie in his song Nowhere To Go, Nowhere To Be.  I am hoping you will help me help Charlie!  Check out the sauces below – they are all AWESOME & your donation goes to a wonderful cause.