Fix Your Vehicle’s Faulty Melted Connectors

How to fix faulty melted connectors

Q: Why are my connectors melted?

A: If connectors are not inspected & maintained, the cycle will continue and the problems will increase.

How to fix faulty or melted connectors

Step 1: Inspect

Rick’s Motorsport Connector & Terminal Kit Part# 11-501 ($90)

Inspect every connector whenever an electrical part is replaced. Have your connector kit, part # 11-501 ($90) on hand for repairs.

Rick’s Motorsport crimping tool – Part# 11-001 ($75)

Dealing with: Corrosion

If corrosion is just starting: remove connector(s) and sand blast, wire brush, etc to clean the area.

Dealing with: Melted Plugs

If plug is melted: remove all plugs & replace them with new components using Rick’s Motorsport crimping tool – Part# 11-001 ($75)In some cases, terminals may need to be soldered to the wires. Depending on the degree of corrosion, some wire in the harness may need to be replaced as well. Always use a high quality/high temp dielectric grease on all electrical connections to prevent future problems.