Top 10 tips/facts about your motorsport stator

1. Your stator produces full wave or half wave AC current NOT DC current. Your rectifier regulator converts the AC power from your stator to DC power that is then stored in your battery.

2. You should periodically check the connectors on your stator to keep them clean from corrosion. Applying dielectric grease can also help prevent burning/melting issues.

3. Always replace the stator cover gasket when replacing your stator.

4. Always install the stator so it is not touching the crankcase or interfering with the flywheel

5. The stator and flywheel together produce AC, one can’t work without the other

6. Stators by themselves do not overcharge, if dealing with an overcharge focus on the regulator

7. There is never an order to attaching three-phase or single-phase AC wires to a harness

8. Make sure to never pinch a stator wire when installing, this will create a “hot spot” that will

eventually burn up

9. Make sure you clean the crankcase and flush the oil when changing a stator; it doesn’t take
much in the way of debris to destroy a good piece.

10. Don’t use crimp-style splices to hardwire a stator to the harness. Either use OE-style connectors or solder in place.